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Rollingstar Survey Technology is a provider of spatial technology. We have professional experience toward civilian applications such as mapping, environmental information solution, remote sensing, data analysis and disaster assessment, various utility management services and also provide integration of geospatial intelligence and cloud technology.

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Core Technology and Service

RollingStar is promoting Open GIS specifications, creating innovative business application with spatial technology and providing advanced survey professional solutions and services. There are 4 domains we re-directed and focused on our business in the next stage, which includes technology, data life cycle, spatial data, and indoor navigation.

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  • Clients
  • Taiwan Association of Disaster Prevention Industry、Sinotech Engineering Consultants LTD、ShinKong Insurance
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  • Performance
  • Hogazai Risk Map Service has been incorporated into the underwriting process of ShinKong Insurance. A customized service portal has been developed and deployed for their fire insurance department. The underwriters could efficiently evaluate the risk potential for their potential client, with all results being validated with actual insurance claim data and catalogue of past event footprint. Therefore, not just the time required for the underwriting process has been reduced, but the insurance claim has been dramatically reduced accordingly. Meanwhile, new insurance product has been developed and so the premium base increased for the ShinKong Insurance.
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