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TMS Technologies is committed to the development of intelligent transportation system (ITS) and
Telematics Service Provider (TSP). We participated in many innovative service projects and studies
of related departments in Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and TMS also established
a number of real-time traffic information platform. We are a leading company in domestic real-time
traffic information services, and expect ourselves to become Taiwan Telematics Service Provider (TSP)
service leader as well.

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Core Technology and Service

(1) Advanced Traveler Information Service (ATIS):
TMS Technologies is the leader in ATIS technology and has been facilitating the running of Traffic and Transportation Service center of the Institute of Transportation, Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) to provide real-time traffic information. Since its launch, there have been a total of 331 government agencies/institutes applying to align with the system for more value-added services. It also worked with the Department of Transportation of Taipei City Government to coordinate different kinds of traffic data to establish a one-stop service portal.
(2) Commercial Vehicle Operation (CVO):
early in 2002 and 2003, it has developed a smart taxi safety management and dispatch service with the National Chiao Tung University and the Chung Hua University. In 2003, it collaborated with the Chung Hua University again to build a transportation safety platform and monitor center for Hsinchu City – the very first system in Taiwan that integrates data of GPRS, GPS and GIS to provide real-time taxi monitoring service. In 2016, it worked with the National Chiao Tung University to go through hot spot/operation area analysis for taxi and built a database for ten busiest routes for competent authorities. Time after time, TMS Technologies is showing its capacity in merging various kinds of data, including GPS, wireless communication, internet, GIS and ITS.
(3) Advanced public transportation systems (APTS):
it has helped Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Taichung City, Kaohsiung City and Tainan City to establish APTSs that provide not only real-time traffic information but other mobile search services. In 2015, it upgraded the system to support four foreign languages (Filipino, Vietnamese, Burmese and Thai) to meet the needs of diverse racial composition of Taoyuan’s population, so that foreigners could check on real-time bus information too. In 2017, it worked with the Kaohsiung City Government to launch a smart booking service for communities and a project on diverse vehicles in urban and remote areas in the hope that minority users can cut short the time waiting for bus by using the latest technology. The service is going very well so far and highly recognized by the city government and local people.
(4) Telematics:
it is committed to becoming the leading provider of telematics services in Taiwan. It spares no efforts in advancing telematics technologies and interdisciplinary cooperation to build a successful business model. Most of its partners are leaders in their own areas, such as Google, PaPaGo, HERE and INRIX.
(5) Standardize transport data format:
it helps the MOTC establish various transport application standards. For example, it has put together the ISO standards, international automotive standards and local regulations launch the location table and RDS-TMC that covers the traffic routes all over Taiwan. In 2017, it worked with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to explore interoperability of cross-border standards and technology protocols for future cooperation with other countries.

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  • Clients
  • Dataset Suppliers
    TMS Technologies, Institute for Information Industry (III), PAPAGO, GOLiFE, GSTech, and more to
    End Users
    Dataset: International eading traffic information service providers Here; HAITEC; Supergeo
    API: GOLiFE; OurCityLove Social Enterprise; Purdue University.
    Partnering Companies/Countries/Content
    (1) HERE, INRIX from the U.S: provide transport APIs
    (2) Mapbox from the U.S: local agent for mapping platforms in Taiwan
    (3) PTV from Germany: local agent for traffic flow simulation software in Taiwan
    (4) TomTom from the Netherlands: collaboration on purchase of road speed data
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  • Performance
  • Selected as the partnering company of the pilot project of the Industrial Development Bureau
    under the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2015 and the recipient of project subsidy and
    consultation from the IDB,MOEA in 2017.
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