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Team members are Minchieh Tseng and Minju Tseng, we are sister and brother.
Attract like-minded professionals (including shareholders, team members, partners) with the same values to jointly create an environment of continuous learning and innovation. Allow members to enjoy the joy of self-realization while achieving company goals. Living together for the pursuit of the vision, and then contributing to the creation and promotion of corporate and social values.

Assist customers to improve competitiveness; solve problems that customers need to overcome; reduce customer operating costs, and treat customer success as the common goal of all members of the company; To achieve a win-win situation.

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Core Technology and Service

We uses IOT and Chatbot technology to provide care service.
A brand for "industrial applications and solutions" provided by "long-term care institutions". Including: security center, long-term care center_care type, long-term care center_dementia type, long-term care center_long-term care type, nursing home_independent nursing home, nursing home_hospital attached type, home care , Benevolence House, etc.

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  • Performance
  • Care Pro's professional care management system is a continuous care service platform carefully designed by residents. Suitable for long-term care institutions such as elderly care centers, long-term care centers, and nursing homes.
    In order to provide long-term care agency operators with a more effective application of the benefits of "organization e", the "Care Pro Institution Website DIY Management System" was introduced. This system is a website management system tailored specifically for long-term care agency operators (elderly care centers, nursing centers, long-term care centers, nursing homes, home care centers).
    At the end of 2010, the consumables management and charge management of "Care Pro Institutional Operation Management System" were completed.

    WeCare, 2018 Transnational Hacker Wins Invincible Hacker Award.
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