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Heavy rainfall and other extreme weather events triggered by global warming, as well as earthquakes lead to frequent slope disasters, causing great losses of lives and properties due to difficulties in sharing of information, early detection and other challenges in prevention work,. The DHTech therefore launched a solution to solve the problem - My Peak Cloud, a 4D platform (GIS and 3D virtual environment) that combines government Open Data (macro-environment) and slope monitoring data (micro-environment) of different stages of time (before, now, after) in order to have every single slope under its watch and send all the data to the clouds in real time. That is how My Peak Cloud enhances information dissemination and communication efficiency when disasters happen.

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Core Technology and Service

The platform goes through Open Data and monitoring data obtained from various sites, featuring three templates: interconnecting cloud, real-time display of slope safety, and slope monitoring data search and dynamic display. Both the flexible user interface with visualized static display and the 4D (3D+time changes) dynamic display are available to meet the needs of different users and showcase the current situation of the affected area of heavy rainfall or earthquakes.

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