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Explore Overseas Markets with Data4Matching and Usher in the New Future for Data Economy in Asia

While the digital economy permeates different corners of the world, there is no doubt that the transparent and real-time Open Data will play a very vital part. The market size of Open Data is estimated to exceed 75 billion euros by 2020. Important players all around the world are jumping on this bandwagon and create a huge momentum for the growth of digital economy. Local companies of Taiwan have to catch up with their counterparts overseas and make the most out of the new business opportunities.  

To integrate resources from a variety of fields, such as transportation, agriculture, business and public service, the very first Open Data matching platform in Asia - Data4Matching has been launched to help the users from different countries to benefit and achieve their business goals by using the first-hand data, as well as provide resources and hold events to bring in more business opportunities for Asian countries. Data4Matching is a tool both foreign and local companies may use to expand their markets and look for more cross-border cooperation on data services.

Comprehensive Smart Transportation Service

TMS Technologies is committed to the development of intelligent transportation system (ITS) and APIs, vowing to be the leading Telematics Service Provider (TSP) in Taiwan. With much experience in innovating Open Data applications, it trails the blaze for developing smart transportation technologies in Taiwan and continues to work with international partners to make Taiwan’s outstanding services shine in the world. 

In response to the ever-more diverse data and complex consumer needs, a more integrated service is necessary, pointed out by Chen Yi-Ting, President of TMS Technologies. He also used the connected car service for example: it used to be only suggested routes and information about traffic congestion, whereas a comprehensive value-added service that includes the fastest route to destination, suggestion on means of transport, like bus, high-speed rail or Taiwan railway and even food information is available now thanks to Open Data. TMS Technologies focuses on “analysis and interpretation of transparent, public and real-time Open Data not only to create high-value data transactions, but also launch excellent data services like no others”.

Data4Matching to Make Open Data Transcend Borders and Bring in Next Wave of Business Opportunities

Through Data4Matching, TMS Technologies is able to realize its full potential and keeps pushing the envelope. It has developed a unique working relationship with the biggest open location platform and mapping company in the world – Here Technologies that TMS is responsible for putting together real-time public transport, traffic and weather information of Taiwan for Here and helps it explore the local market. That explains why TMS has soon become one of Here’s best long-term partners.

As for the next step for Taiwan’s data economy, Chen said that many of their international clients often ask whether TMS could provide data services in other parts of Asia. It shows that Taiwan’s capacities in developing comprehensive services have caught much attention. That is also where it should go in the future.

Data4Matching is a wonderful tool that helps increase dynamics in the industry and expands the scope of data service industry chain. Here, the users will be provided with resources for matchmaking with international partners. Also by participating in trade meetings overseas, new markets and next wave of business opportunities are up for grabs!

For more information about trade opportunities and meetings overseas, please feel free to contact the Taipei Computer Association (TCA).

Ms. Huang