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Smart Flood Monitoring Prevention System


About the Application

Extreme weather events are more and more often seen due to climate change, such as hurricanes, flooding, heat wave and drought. The probability for these natural disasters to happen comes as high as 66%~90% and the affected population and damages are also on the rise. Take flooding for instance. Knowing how the flooding might go and the severity of flooding as well as obtain real-time images through monitoring technology and plan disaster rescue have become very important issues nowadays. To deal with this imminent problem, Chuan Yi Electric has launched a smart flood monitoring/prevention system!

Before Flooding Integrate Public and Private Data to Build an Alarming Platform and Help Government Prevent Flooding in Advance

According to clent’s needs , Chuan Yi puts together all flood-related government Open Data and uploads a variety of information, such as alert status, historical data and natural disaster/weather Open Data to the system to optimize the monitoring/alarming effects!

Build a open data.

During Flooding Customized smart phone APP for Real-Time Flooding Information

A real-time monitoring system is available and historical data will be incorporated into flooding prediction that possible affecteds areas will be announced and the rescue teams can be ready in advance.

Get alert for App.

Chuan Yi Establishes a Flood Monitoring / Prevention Center to Collect Information on High Risk Areas for Clients

The center is responsible for monitoring rainfall and how the pumping stations and engines are working, while sending out real-time alerts and requests for pumping engine adjustment and maintenance.

A flood monitoring and prevention center.

After Flooding Data to Be Stored for Better Preparation for Possible Flooding Next Time

Both flooding and disaster relief information will be put into the data base for further analysis. Related data from the central and local governments will also be made open to make a more comprehensive service possible.

After flooding data to be stored on the internet.

Show rainfall distribution history.

Benefit to customer

Chuan Yi Electric has made flooding alert more effective and system operation less complicated to deliver a better service and successfully cut down the time for problem solving. That is why it sees the number of customer complaints dropping and operation efficiency growing significantly. Water pumping stations therefore can respond to emergencies in a timely manner.

  • Clients

    Taichung City Government(Taiwan ROC.)、Miaoli County Government(Taiwan ROC.)、Tainan City Government(Taiwan ROC.)、The Water Resources Agency(Taiwan ROC.)、Industrial Technology Research Institute(Taiwan ROC.)
  • Performance

    the recipient of project subsidy and consultation from the Industrial Development Bureau , Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2017.

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