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Programmatic Advertising


About the Application

Traditional retailers with real stores find it hard to collect and process a huge amount of data and unable to further understand their customers as well as spending behaviors. Therefore, it is not surprising their online advertising strategies do not really work on bringing more consumers to the store, nor can they track on and evaluate whether the advertising is effective or not. Tagtoo launches a comprehensive targeted advertising service that can enhance offline consumption through online advertising. Its clients can see how the advertising is working out in different stages and pursues the biggest profits possible!

Predict Consumer Behaviors Through Data Analysis and Make the Best Advertising Strategy

Tagtoo collects data from various industries, such as consumer electronics, food & beverage, clothing and communications that have much to do with our everyday life. It uses the data to analyze spending, preference, shopping location and time of different age groups of consumers and puts them together with government Open Data, such as weather forecast from the Central Weather Bureau under Ministry of Transportation and Communications, typhoon and heavy rain predictions from the National Science and Technology Center for Disaster Reduction, UV monitoring data from the Environmental Protection Administration and performance/event information from the Ministry of Culture to develop an AI data platform. That could carry out targeted adverting on the potential consumers of its clients.

Predict consumer behaviors through data analysis.

Figure is show a lot of coverage area. Include food, apparel, car, scooter, disaster and weather. The system to analysis data with new customers. End of Figure. Text.

Advertising Content: Personal Programmatic Advertising

There is no need for Tagtoo’s clients to guess what the next big thing is. Through massive transaction data from the database, the system will find out which product interests which consumer the most and produces a personalized ad portfolio accordingly that can really touch the heart of potential buyer.

User see advertising that guy is favorite issue. Like car.

Feedback for the Stores via Data Verification

Integrate online/offline marketing channels: give out Facebook ads to potential consumers who can click the Bot for the QR code. When visiting the store, consumers can show the QR code to the staff to join the promotional campaign and give feedback to the system through data verification that helps bring in more brick and mortar stores and retailers to try targeted advertising to enhance their profits!

Tagtoo QR code.

Optimized Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS)

Unique target audience database for each and every client that continues to collect and process data for advanced analysis and algorithm. Find out the most optimal target audience and achieve the best ROI for clients.

Database analysis get the return on investment.

Fashion Lovers

Show person what is they favorite item.
  • Apparel is the gril favorite.
  • Basketball is the guy favorite.
  • Bag is the gril favorite.
  • Baseball is the guy favorite.
  • High-heeled shoes is the gril favorite.

Others Fans could be mine

Analysis data.
  • Interest Targeting
  • Fan page A Interests Beauty
  • Fan page B Interests Fashion
  • Fan page C Interests Health
  • Lookalike
  • bahaviors
  • Gender
  • Age

Others Fans could be mine

Our advanced bidding algorithms enable us to yield highly desirable performance for advertising campaigns by sending relevant ads at the tight time.

People get their favorite issue.
  • Fashion
  • Sport
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Benefit to customer

Tagtoo is facilitating precise online advertising to stimulate offline consumption, while collecting data to analyze consumer behaviors and launching online events to help its clients better find their target audience. It also learns from this integrated service about the favorite shopping area of consumers and advises whether or not its clients should open stores there. Data analysis can be put into use either for targeted advertising or decision-making for opening new stores.

  • Clients

    Taiwan External Trade Development Council, Ministry of Health and Welfare, National Applied Research Laboratories, Academia Sinica, Citibank Taiwan, Nan Shan Life Insurance, First Life Insurance, SET Tour (travel agency), TK3C (consumer electronics).
  • Performance

    The recipient of project subsidy and consultation from the Industrial Development Bureau , Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2017.

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