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Taxi Dispatch Service

Datarget Innovation

About the Application

Growing population in urban areas is the major factor contributing to traffic congestion. That is why the government is working so hard to promote public transportation, such as bus, subway, taxi and the bike-sharing service. In recent years, local governments in Taiwan in particular are doing their best to turn their cities not only into livable and friendly ones, but also somewhere with a better transportation landscape and satisfactory public transportation use. Taxi dispatch and taxi ride sharing are also an important part of it.

There might be issues surfacing while promoting taxi service, including management of taxi companies or air pollution that comes along. Datarget Innovation therefore worked with local governments to develop the very first taxi data platform for dispatch service in Taiwan. With the operation and dispatch data provided by certain contracted taxi companies, a standard webpage and exchange platform are also launched to make smart management possible for taxi companies and successfully reduce the taxi idle rate, oil consumption and air pollution!

Taxi Data Platform: Easy Management and Use of Data for Governments / Taxi Companies / The Public

After dispatch data of taxi companies are collected, data standards will be built and data input can be started. A great variety of information can be accessed through the platform, including vehicle registration data, review of taxi operation and taxi quality assessment provided by the government, as well as GPS dispatch data of different taxi companies. Kaohsiung city becomes the first city that makes taxi companies’ dispatch data available to the public!

Build data about taxi information open platform.

Standard Webpage for Establishment of Taxi Open Data

Designed as the most advanced data model, the page allows inbound/outbound data transfer and auditing and provides HTML for specifications of online data standards that users could specify item attributes and fields.

User can get information on web page.

Visualized Data for Precise Decision Making and Management of Taxi Companies

Provide hotspots analysis (embarking/ disembarking), gravity model (taxi trips) , hotspots history data and prediction, time analysis on specific routes and visualized data to minimize the taxi rate and enhance dispatch efficiency!

Visualized data for precise.

Zhongzheng Dist

TIME 15:30

Hot Location

The passengers has request on the map. Focus it will get more infomation and check the suitable taxi.

  1. Passenger 1
  2. Passenger 2
  • Accept pets
    Arrived in
    4 mins
  • Small-size
    Arrived in
    5 mins
  • Large-size
    Arrived in
    3 mins
  • Carried
  • Large-size
    Arrived in
    5 mins
  • Carried

Benefit to customer

Innovation provides services that prove beneficial not only for taxi companies, the public, but also the government. Government agencies could actually incorporate the data of taxi routes into the process of policy making and decide whether or not increase taxi stands or suggest the optimal routes to make life more convenient for the public!

  • Clients

    Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), Institute of Transportation of MOTC, Department of Transporation of Taipei City Government, Taipei City Public Transportation Office, Transportation Department of New Taipei City Government, Department of Transportation of Taoyuan City Government, Tainan City Public Transportation Office, Economic Affairs Department of Yilan County Government.
  • Performance

    Selected as the partnering company of the pilot project of the Industrial Development Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2016.

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