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MR.Dream and magical friends

About the Application

PlcaeRadar uses OpenData to integrate publicly available information viewing platforms. You can use PlcaeRadar to quickly get ratings, demographics, prices and more for the places you search for, providing the most accurate reference for your travel, rental and shopping!

Location analyze

PlcaeRadar will use the open data of Taiwan, Korea, and Japan to analyze and use the "population" and "resources" to develop the relevant index to indicate the pros and cons.

Location analyze

web app

In WebApp, users can use the Google Maps API to support the intuitive operating system and compare the score information of multiple locations.

web app view

Browser Extension

In the Chrome Browser Extension, you can use the location service provided by us directly on all commonly used websites to get information quickly!

Browser Extension view

Benefit to customer

PlaceRadar provides a platform for people to look up and compare in Taiwan, Japan and Korea. All materials will be presented in a "visualized" chart. And we hope to evoke the user's awareness of citizen safety through this platform.

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    2018 ASIA OPENDATA Hackathon Best Hacker

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