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DATABAR Trading Platform

TMS Technologies

About the Application

The TMS Technologies is an expert of traffic data and has had much experience working with both the public and private sectors. It knows what the industry wants as well as transport-related plans and policies of the government. That is why the TMS Technologies works with their partners in other fields to launch an Open Data trading platform.

By signing agreements with several leading traffic information service providers in the world, TMS Technology shows its determination to acquire more data via this kind of commercial mechanism. Thus, when the users have request for data, they can get what they want immediately and in one platform, so as to enhance the data application.

Platform for Comprehensive Traffic Data

All kinds of data for you to explore! Including Taiwan instant road speed database, Speed camera point dataset, Gas stations point dataset and etc. Dataset titles and photos, content description and format, you name it! Interested? Place your order right now!

DATABAR User Interface.

Download Standardized Open Data for Free

Download standardized data and incorporate into your service for free as many as 50,000 times a month. After that, charge by how many times you use the service.

Everyone download DATABAR for free.

Tools for Faster Selling and Order Placement

Collect, process and categorize data from different fields to develop normal forms and help suppliers to produce json or kml format; through buffer analysis, users could check the data they choose for certain area first, then place orders according to their needs.

People talk to smart robot.

Figure is the user interface includes features that is DATABAR analog map. There is show many map legend in the map. Include road speed, public and private parking lot, gas station, road safety camera, and electric car charging station. End of Figure. Text.

All information on the databar map.


  • Green line: Traffic smooth
  • Orange line: Traffic normal
  • Red line: A little stuck in traffic
  • Dark red line: Traffic congestion


Benefit to customer

  1. The first Data Platform which collects data from both the private and public sectors in Taiwan.
  2. It would continue to provide more incentives for suppliers to sell their data via the platform.
  3. It provides users a perfect place to purchase the data they need within a short time and therefore take the data value to the next level.
  • Clients

    Dataset Suppliers TMS Technologies, Institute for Information Industry (III), PAPAGO, GOLiFE, GSTech, and more to come. End Users Dataset: International eading traffic information service providers Here; HAITEC; Supergeo Technologies. API: GOLiFE; OurCityLove Social Enterprise; Purdue University. Partnering Companies/Countries/Content (1) HERE, INRIX from the U.S: provide transport APIs (2) Mapbox from the U.S: local agent for mapping platforms in Taiwan (3) PTV from Germany: local agent for traffic flow simulation software in Taiwan (4) TomTom from the Netherlands: collaboration on purchase of road speed data
  • Performance

    Selected as the partnering company of the pilot project of the Industrial Development Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2015 and the recipient of project subsidy and consultation from the IDB,MOEA in 2017.

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