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About the Application

Reach more than 90% accuracy of Chinese semantic analysis in the food field. At the moment, we have more than 4 million analysis results filtered by the system, alone with over 200 thousand restaurant profiles including the closed ones. We gather food articles of every restaurant and put together three indicators – Food, Environment, Service by analyzing their relevant online reviews. It allows consumer to shorten their decision making process and find the restaurant they want.

On the other hand, we use these valuable data to provide WOM with real-time monitoring as well as competitors monitoring. Additionally, by combining different sources of data, including the-3rd-party open data, we can then offer restaurant owners suggestions on selection of locations.


Operation Guide

We provide independent web pages for basic data editing, establish exclusive e-menus, analyze visitor profiles, and arrange promotional offers.

We provide independent web pages for basic data editing

WOM Monitoring Services

We provide online reputation monitoring of stores as well as competitors' stores based on our three indicators - food, environment, and service. Our customers will be updated with information about the most popular restaurants, dishes and catering trends on a regular basis.

We provide online reputation monitoring of stores as well as competitors.

Location Assessment Guide

We provide the data within one kilometer radius of the specific location, including the size of mass transportation, the number of restaurants, the average ratio of customer price per restaurant and the statistics of out-of-service rates in all cities and counties.

We provide the data within one kilometer radius of the specific location.

Accumulated more than 100,000 restaurants, more than 10 million comments


Community platform

Food platform



Provide restaurant owners with in-depth results based on big data analytics for them to better understand consumer behaviors and optimize their operation and services.


Benefit to customer

    1. Caterers
      Catering operators no longer need to spend a lot of labor costs or expenses to conduct market surveys and evaluations. Instead, they use government open data, together with the consumer's market data as a basis for more scientific, objective, and rapid market assessment.

  1. Data Service Providers
    The statistics and analysis of our data will be sold by collaborating with data service providers to develop more applications. For example, the GPS data of the depot can be incorporated into the geographical location of the restaurant.

  2. Consumers
    Through various channels such as websites, mobile apps, LINE, etc., consumers can obtain easy-to-understand and accurate restaurant information. In addition to the ratings on three indicators - food, environment, and services, recommended points on restaurant menus are also available for them to make decisions faster. The early decision-making process is not just about choosing which restaurant to go now, but more details, such as menus will also be taken into consideration.
  • Clients

    Hsin Ta Cement Company, SYSTEX Corporation, SYSPOWER, TMS Technologies CO., LTD, Burger King
  • Performance

    2012 – Develop Artificial Intelligence system based on Chinese semantic analysis. 2013 – Become a D-U-N-S registered corporation. 2015 – Launch, a food recommendation platform based on the semantic analysis from large scale of online reviews. 2016 – Help companies to import semantic data analysis, such as Yuanta Securities. 2017 – Launch “Turing System.” In the same year, aligning with the subsidiary of SYSTEX corporation, we sell the system to university financial department faculties, like Minghsin University of Science and Technology and Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology,Both of our products (OhMyFood, Turing) won the Excellence Prize of the OPEN DATA competition held by the government. 2018 – Sign the MOU with TMS Technologies CO., LTD.

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