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Ocard for Business

Olis Innovation Co., Ltd.

About the Application

Ocard is a new generation CRM and marketing SaaS platform, using big data and AI to help offline business manage and retarget their customers through LINE and FB messenger chatbots. We provide all kinds of marketing tools such as VIP loyalty program, point rewarding system, coupon, questionnaire, reservation etc…, integrating with POS, EC, and all kinds of other services. Ocard consultants analyze these data, plan marketing strategies, and execute them automatically. Ocard currently has more than 500 paying customers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Malaysia, collecting over millions of customer data.


Become A Member in 6 Seconds!
The Simplest VIP Loyalty Program

Manage the VIP loyalty program through the mobile phone numbers. As long as you have the tablet in your hands, everything is just a click away, be it member service, point rewarding or reservation management.

Become A Member in 6 Seconds!.

FB messenger / LINE as Your Member Cards,
No Need to Download Other APPs

LINE / FB messenger can be your all-in-one membership platforms that include point rewarding, ticketing, reservation, questionnaires, customer service and re-marketing tool.

No Need to Download Other APPs.

AI Assistant Helps You with Analyzing and Marketing

By piecing together big data and AI, the Ocard AI assistant provides you with in-depth analyses and all kinds of marketing strategies, and even puts them into practice on your behalf. All you have to do is sit and wait for customers to come!

By piecing together big data and AI.

Benefit to customer

    1. For POS Solution Providers:
      An integrated, comprehensive and convenient membership management system that offers more value-added services for customers at various selling spots.

  1. For shops:
    Easy to take care of customers by establishing their own loyalty programs that help increase customer retention rate by 15%.
  • Clients

    Jamba Juice, Sarabeth’s, Tim Ho Wan Dim Sum Restaurant.
  • Performance

    Recipient of the Popularity Award, 2018 Tech in Asia Pitch.

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