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Innovation and Fun Bring in Huge Business Opportunities


About the Application

Fun+More smart business development platform is a one-stop cloud service that puts together game-like shopping services, big data analytics, OOH interactive display, and LBS positioning technology. With it, planning events is not a difficult job anymore for those in the tourism and retail industries, while consumers get to enjoy a whole new O2O shopping experience. Fun+More features “Game-Like and Innovative Consumer Experiences”, “AIVS Smart Image Analysis”, “OOH Multi-Screens Interactive Model”, and “Beacon Technology: No More Missing Children”.

Game-Like and Innovative Consumer Experiences

Using app is like playing a game (positioning function included) for consumers who can have a taste of the services they want and have reward points accumulated every time they shop, encouraging them to shop again in the designated sites (shops, amusement parks).

Game-Like and Innovative Consumer Experiences.

OOH Multi-Screens Interactive Model

A variety of outdoor channels (light boxes, bulletin boards and signs), and interactive games are in place to make PR fun and interesting. Multi-screen AI virtual guides, along with mobile devices and out-of-home (OOH) display are also available to direct consumers’ attention to the specific content/product. Less manpower on OOH campaigns, more attention on your products to create more profits!

OOH Multi-Screens Interactive Model.

Beacon Technology: No More Missing Children

With the wearable device’s positioning function and beacon pairing, parents know where their kids are wherever they go to solve the “missing children” problem and reduce relevant costs on human resources.

Beacon Technology: No More Missing Children.

AIVS Smart Image Analysis

Images of the crowds collected by IP cams are processed and reviewed with AIVS technology to identify and analyze human faces, hot spots where the crowds gather, and duration of each visit, so that the clients have all the information needed, such as visiting rate of repeat customers, duration of each visit and customers’ age and gender to come up with the most effective strategy to bring consumers back to the store again and enhance their in-store shopping.

AIVS Smart Image Analysis.
Tourism & retail Industry
Tourism & retail Industry-1

Introduction Video

Benefit to customer

  1. Tour and shop around like playing a game to enhance consumer spending.
  2. Multi-screens and interactive AI guides to keep your customers around.
  3. Have a photo with the AR mascot to take the shopping experience to the next level.
  • Clients

    Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Atayal Resort, Sun Moon Lake shopping street, Erlin shopping street of Changhua County, JiJibanana factory, Sophisca, farming village APP of Soil and Water Conservation Bureau under Council of Agriculture (COA), food traceability APP of Agriculture and Food Agency under COA.
  • Performance

    1,287 sites incorporated with Fun+ More. 16,165,885 visits on the Fun+ More website/social network/APP.

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