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Legal Information Search Solution


About the Application

By optimizing the search page and algorithm, Lawsnote makes it easier and faster for users to locate the information they need. According to statistics, it cuts short the time spent on looking for information by an average of 1.5 hours. It also keeps expanding its database by putting in regulations, rulings, interpretations, resolutions, legal meeting results, constitutional interpretations and other legal data In addition to lawyers/law firms as key demanders, technical services and legal resources can be extended to data providers, SI vendors (system integrators) and businesses.


Recognize Legal Information Automatically to Enhance Search Precision

Like Google, Lawsnote could recognize words with similar meanings. Take searching the word “nurse” for example. Relevant search results like “nurse practitioner” and “paramedic” will also pop out and saves much time for users to change/modify the keywords.

Recognize Legal Information Automatically to Enhance Search Precision.

User-Friendly Interface that Works for Different Target Users

Lawsnote is much like Google in the law world that features an easy-to-use interface. Those who do not have professional trainings in law could also get hold of it very soon. Lawyers, law students, professors, court personnel, corporate legal counsels, human resource managers, accountants, land administration agents and bookkeepers could get the information search/verification job done in a very short time and no need to spend money on legal counseling.

User-Friendly Interface that Works for Different Target Users.

Save Time on Search of Legal Information and Enhance Efficiency

Those who need legal information usually go for Google or laws/regulations databases and find it difficult to get what they want due to either too much information, or the data shown are not grouped in a systemic manner. Lawsnote therefore launches this new generation keyword-driven legal search solution that saves 75% of time spent on looking for the right information. It cuts half the laywers’ working time and doubles the efficiency.

Save Time on Search of Legal Information and Enhance Efficiency.

Benefit to customer

Legal Tech has become a global trend and Lawsnote is the one that represents Taiwan.

  • Fast Growth: the total amount of search in just one year of Lawsnote exceeds that of Lawbank - the single player in this monopoly market for 20 years.
  • Unique competitive edge: Lawsnote is a combo with huge potentials in search technology, platform and system.
  • Patent: Lawsnote possesses the search patent for legal information in Taiwan.
  • Positive market feedback: top three law firms of Taiwan included in its clientele.
  • Professional Team: a working team comprised of lawyers and senior engineers.
  • Clients

    Top Law Firm such as Lee and Li, Lee and Tsai and Taiwanlaw, The Control Yuan Republic of China, The Construction Bureau of Taichung City Government, ILL-gottne Party Assets Settlement Committee, Mercuries Life Insurance, Uni-President Enterprises Corporation.etc, China Airline etc.
  • Performance

    Be honor with the first prize of 2017 Open Data. Be honor with The Great Busines of the 2017 of IAPS. Be honor with The Greatest Potential Award and The Technical Upgrade Award of Innosquare.

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