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About the Application

GEO Informatics keep developing smart technologies with program management experience, to provide city and rural development solutions as below:

1. GEO Web is a visual data analysis platform for decision maker, which can be applied in logistic, disaster prevention and public project industries. Also integrates multiple sensors, positioning, open data and AI technologies as an IoT services for smart city development.

2. Team Spark is a program/project management system with budget, purchase and accounting management module for function extension. For human resource development, it also combines competence management, on job training and e-learning system.

3. Fun+ More:A LBS, AR and AI combined O2O commercial platform that provides gamification marketing, multi-screen marketing and AR interactive services to smart tourism and innovative retail companies to create more O2O business opportunities.


Mobile AIoT platform

Information from different sites is integrated on a cloud platform and able to send alerts. Decision-makers get to see all the updated information through a RWD interface on the mobile device to make real-time decisions.

Mobile AIoT platform.

Visualized Data Services

Government Open Data, structured file and data/functional API are processed altogether, while advanced positioning technology is applied to provide real-time 2D/3D/4D visualized data.

Visualized Data Services.

Big Data Dynamic Planning Model

Old data and machine learning mechanism are incorporated to provide simulation of disaster scenarios and dynamic decision-making to maximize disaster preparedness and minimize possible damages.

Big Data Dynamic Planning Model.

Modularized management system

Customized modularized management systems are adopted according to the needs of clients, while a human resource development system is also available to facilitate functional management, on-the-job training and online learning.

Modularized management system.



Team Spark




Introduction Video

Benefit to customer

  1. Mobile AIoT platform that allows decision-makers know what’s going on and formulate strategies in a far distance in real time.
  2. Big data smart planning model that enables dynamic decision-making to minimize possible damages.
  3. Modularized management system that shortens the time of technology adoption.
  • Clients

    Government Agencies: Water Resources Agency under Ministry of Economic Affairs, Soil and Water Conservation Bureau under Council of Agriculture, Information Center under Ministry of the Interior, Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau under Ministry of Science and Technology, Taichung - Changhua - Nantou Regional Branch of Work Force Development Agency under Ministry of Labor New Taipei City Government, Taichung City Government, Changhua County Government, Tainan City Government, Kaohsiung City Government.
  • Performance

    Corporations & Institutions: International Cooperation and Development Fund, Joint Credit Information Center, Taoyuan International Airport Corporation, Chuan Yi Electric, Tang Wu Biotechnology.

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