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My Peak Cloud

DHTech Engineering Consultants

About the Application

Heavy rainfall and other extreme weather events triggered by global warming, as well as earthquakes lead to frequent slope disasters, causing great losses of lives and properties due to difficulties in sharing of information, early detection and other challenges in prevention work,. The DHTech therefore launched a solution to solve the problem - My Peak Cloud, a 4D platform (GIS and 3D virtual environment) that combines government Open Data (macro-environment) and slope monitoring data (micro-environment) of different stages of time (before, now, after) in order to have every single slope under its watch and send all the data to the clouds in real time. That is how My Peak Cloud enhances information dissemination and communication efficiency when disasters happen.

The platform goes through Open Data and monitoring data obtained from various sites, featuring three templates: interconnecting cloud, real-time display of slope safety, and slope monitoring data search and dynamic display. Both the flexible user interface with visualized static display and the 4D (3D+time changes) dynamic display are available to meet the needs of different users and showcase the current situation of the affected area of heavy rainfall or earthquakes.


Service-Oriented Slope Disaster Information Integration

Professional Team The team with expertise in slope monitoring and data collection vows to help the users sort out any problems regarding slope disasters possible.

Real-Time Monitoring Government and international Open Data are reviewed along with real-time data collected by monitoring devices simultaneously to ensure data accuracy and efficacy.

Customized User Interface GIS tools are used to integrate different kinds of data and go through algorithms for map overlay and other value-added applications that could be incorporated into different types of interface development processes for different users (government, private sector, technical personnel).

4D Simulation (3D+Time Changes) GIS and 3D simulated environment, as well as 4D simulated display of monitoring data and time changes serve as a comprehensive visualized platform for discussion amongst different users.

Joint Efforts from local teams and teams afar IOT slope monitoring data collected by both local teams and teams at other ends are connected through the clouds to strengthen slope disaster prevention work.

Service-Oriented Slope Disaster Information Integration.

4D (3D+Time Changes) Visualized Display

As opposed to printed copied that are not good for storage or search, GIS technology is used here for display of the results from monitoring sites, as well as relevant information of the same site in different stages of time. The micro-environment 3D simulated landscape model showcases geological information and monitoring data of the designated site. By setting up the time slot in advance, the system will show how monitoring data are changing in a 4D (3D+time changes) virtual environment.

4D (3D+Time Changes) Visualized Display.

Speedy Data Integration from Various Sites to Enhance Management Efficiency

For any possibly affected areas, the system is able to provide disaster prevention or evacuation information in a very short time. Macro-environment Open Data and other environmental data (rainfall, earthquakes, landslides) are mixed with the data produced by monitoring devices (inclinometer casings, underground water level monitor), as well as the safety default parameters for intelligent cloud analyses to show everything is well controlled within the safe range.

Speedy Data Integration from Various Sites to Enhance Management Efficiency.

Distant Data + Local Data through the Clouds

Disasters are happening in different places for different reasons. To provide the best solution that applies to various natural environments in different countries, it takes collective efforts with local partners to develop, evaluate and implement the project. In this process, the DHTech will be putting in its knowledge in this particular field and “My Peak Cloud” innovative technology to work together with local facilities and human resources. For local companies, this innovative tool helps differentiate their technologies and services from others’ and creates more business opportunities.

4D (3D+Time Changes) Visualized Display.
Monitoring station distribution on Taiwan map

Earthquake monitoring station

Keelung City Fire Station

Coordinate 121.7461,25.1305

Rainfall monitoring station

Wufen Mountain

Coordinate 121.7726, 25.0730

Today's accumulated rainfall (mm): 30

24-hour accumulated rainfall (mm): 35.5

Benefit to customer

  1. Slope monitoring data could be very complex and difficult to review. To find the right information from the data pool, a more comprehensive approach that includes monitoring data in different time periods and sites is needed. Currently, a huge part of monitoring data is still presented in written form or in 2D web pages that might lead to different interpretations from different people. During an emergency, failure in reading the data correctly will undermine the effectiveness and accuracy of possible solutions. My Peak Cloud enables a GIS and 3D virtual environment, as well as 4D display of monitoring data. All the information is streamlined on the very same platform that all the parties concerned could review the data and reach a consensus in the very same environment.
  2. Disaster prevention has become a part of not just of our life, but of the industry in general. To maximize the effects of prevention work, there should be enough information, web tools and mobile devices available and ready to be used anytime. One of the most important missions for companies involved in the disaster prevention industry is to spread information and make sure it is well accepted by the public in order for them to take proactive actions in an efficient way. My Peak Cloud comes in just in the right place for this: user-friendly service on mobile devices and real-time access to prevention information, making prevention work easier and more efficient.
  3. Using cloud resources to integrate local monitoring information, link resources across space and international, My Peak Cloud assists international governments to integrate local monitoring and disaster prevention resources.
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