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About the Application

To achieve the purpose of précising marketing, it’s the most important for brick and mortar to analyze customer needs and make engagement. Checkinpass has integrated Omni channel data ( open data, consumer mobile preference data ) to establish consumer profile. Let us tell you 3W & 1H, who, when, where, and how, then you can communicate with your TA in best way.


Identify consumer type and consuming power via open data

By use our platform, brick and mortar can see how many indicative building surrounding by open data ( ex: school or business building, neighborhood ), then infer group concentration. On the other hand, you can understand consuming power by overlapping rent data via open data.


Identify consumer type and consuming power via open data.

Calculate potential audience by Checkinpass patent technology

Checkinpass has exclusive patent. we can calculate people flow of brick and mortar and analyze consumer profile and preference which doesn’t violate Personal Information Protection Act. We can provide the best consumer insight report to enterprise which has offline stores.

Calculate potential audience by Checkinpass patent technology.

Precising marketing by diverse channel

By using our DMP ( Data Management Platform ), brick and mortar can find out target audience easily and even communicate with audience via mobile media ( Taiwan, China, South Asia only ).

Precising marketing by diverse channel.
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We have over 500 branches across Taiwan.
Our product mainly applies on physical retail channels.

Benefit to customer

  1. Consumer Insight Report: We will do our best to present consumer profile and find out who would be interested in your product most.
  2. Data driven marketing: Checkinpass DMP would suggest you which is the best channel that you should choose to communicate with target audience, we will do our best to optimize advertising effectiveness and make it best.
  • Clients

    iROO、Tarokomall、DYNAMIC 5 LIMATED、UC Group、NOVA。
  • Performance

    The ad audiences' motion detection techniques and related programming products and applications, which evaluate the number of audience who passed by a certain billboard ad in a certain period of time.

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