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About the Application

Customers are having all kinds of questions, anytime and anywhere! To respond to their needs, Intumit launches the Smart Robot that is based on a quasi-nervous system and machine learning technologies, as well as pattern recognition to provide the best service ever!

Collect Information from Diverse Sources and Optimize Replies with Machine Learning Technology

Integrate Open Data, corporate internal information and what’s happening on social media according to the clients’ needs and support various platforms. Customer services follow wherever you go!

Smart Robot integrate.

Figure is show Smart Robot can integrate a lot of coverage area. Include food, clothing, housing, transportation, investmen, disaster and weather. It integrate to open data, frequently asked questions, knowledge. End of Figure. Text.

Multilingual Services and No More Language Barriers

Intumit provides tailor-made multi-language services to help the clients expand their businesses!

Different contry's people can use.

Mimick Human Dialogue to Create a Whole New Experience

Collect customer data in a short time via interactive dialogues to provide precise services. Efficiency is boosted and precise customer data are gathered for follow-up analysis and advanced customized services!

People talk to smart robot.

Customer Service for Internal Use !

The Channel Smart Service responds to different kinds of requests from both outside and inside the enterprise. A total solution and a perfect assistant!

Smart robot responds to different kinds of customer. For colleague and customer.


  • User

    Where can I have fun in Taipie?

  • SmartRobot

    Chat - profile photo

    Out-door activites

    • Yangmingshan National Moutain National
    • Tamshui Fisherman's wharf

    In-door activites

    • National Palace Museum
    • Taipei Fine Arts Museum
  • User

    Should I bring an umbrella?

  • SmartRobot

    Chat - profile photo

    It is a Sunny day.
    0% chance of rain

Introduction Video

Benefit to customer

  1. Analyze colloquial language and comprehend the questions or intentions to handle even more difficult assignments right away, making it a perfect substitution for real-person customer service during the off-peak period that can reduce human costs and enhance efficiency!
  2. To provide the best user experience possible, the service puts together different kinds of Open Data, ranging from public information, investment, transportation/ communications and traveling to real estate/house moving!
  3. Multilingual services help the clients transcend language barriers and find more business opportunities!
  • Clients

    E.Sun Bank、Bank SinoPac、Shin Kong Life、Capital Securities Corporation、RT-Mart
  • Performance

    Selected as the recipient of project subsidy and consultation from the Industrial Development Bureau under the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2015

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