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EZstartup Cross-Border Startup Match


About the Application

It is challenging for startups to find co-founders or talent in an environment with a less diverse talent pool and scattered with all kinds of information at the same time. EZstartup is a platform and community developed to help entrepreneurs find their co-founders and strengthen B2B cooperation. It is somewhere for those who want to create their own businesses to show their creative ideas. Here, you not only have a chance to connect with your potential co-founders in Taiwan, but you can also take it one step further to discover your partners in Asia, Europe, America and anywhere else in the world.

Cross-Border Matchmaking Platform to Discover Co-Founders of Your Business

EZstartup is a platform for finding your teammates, connections and business opportunities. It is a place for cooperation and exchanges with other entrepreneurs. With smooth and effective searching and networking mechanism, this is where you may find the best candidates to start a business together and team up with international partners.

Cross-Border Matchmaking Platform to Discover Co-Founders of Your Business.

Find Reliable Partners on Our Matchmaking Platform

Compared with employees that are recruited via job banks, what we have here on EZstartup are people who are pursuing their dreams and partners who are passionate about entrepreneurship. Many users have started their long-term and stable relationships with partners here and find EZstartup a trustworthy platform to work with.

Find Reliable Partners on Our Matchmaking Platform.

Put Together Startup Resources and Provide Diverse APIs for Value-Added Applications

EZstartup integrates resources about entrepreneurship and government Open Data. Along with diverse data it has collected over time, it provides various value-added APIs specifically on startup projects, startup partners, startup resources and government funding for other websites, app service and program providers, saving much time and human costs for them so that they could focus more on developing innovative services.

Put Together Startup Resources and Provide Diverse APIs for Value-Added Applications.

You want to create an internet e-commerce platform to sell coffee beans
Please select three Co-founds to start your entrepreneurial journey

coffee cup
coffee bean
coffee bean
Gina | female

Occupation: Coffee Roaster

Education Level: University

Expertise: Catering Management

Views: 94

Join Time: 10 days ago

Mike | male

Occupation: Salesman

Education Level: College

Expertise: Business Channel Management

Views: 80

Join Time: 25 days ago

James | male

Occupation: UI Designer

Education Level: University

Expertise: Visual Design, Multimedia

Views: 95

Join Time: 60 days ago

Jenny | female

Occupation:Product Manager

Education Level: University

Expertise: Internet Marketing

Views: 80

Join Time: 15 days ago

Eric | male

Occupation:Software Engineer

Education Level: Master Degree

Expertise: Web Building

Views: 72

Join Time: 60 days ago

Michael | male

Occupation: Accountant

Education Level: University

Expertise: Accounting

Views: 39

Join Time: 40 days ago

The company grows steadily and expands its market scale.
The members are satisfied with problem solved and feel accomplished in the entrepreneurial process
Though it's tough in the entrepreneurial process, you and your partner never give it up!

Benefit to customer

Detailed information of approximately a thousand entrepreneurs can be found on EZstartup, making it the one and only digital community composed of more than a thousand startups from Taiwan and Asia. It is actively used by entrepreneurs, facilitating 18,638 matches so far.

  • Clients

    EZstartup has about 4,500 members from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, the U.S, Japan, China, Canada, Indonesia, Macau and Thailand.
  • Performance

    pen Data contest –Data for life Data for the future, 2015-2016 Golden Award.

Work with EZstartup to Initiate Transition of Your Business !