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Cloud-Based Smart Agriculture Solution

Ling Cheng Technology

About the Application

The cloud-based smart agricultural system developed by Ling Cheng Technology is aimed to speed up the industry transformation for a more high-end agricultural economy. This is a comprehensive solution that puts together years of experience of Ling Cheng in developing agricultural cloud services, as well as ICT, IoT, Open Data, Big Data and AI technologies to create innovative agricultural services. It is mainly used for farmland production management, as well as analysis on environmental data and precision agriculture. With its standard interface supporting various brands’ sensing hardware, it is the best high-tech agricultural tool to create maximum added value.

Mobile farmland management: easy for farmers and safe for consumers

The farm production management APP is a mobile, standardized and professional platform that could be accessed easily through your smart phones. With the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), as well as a professional crop calendar and database developed by experts built in, production in a standardized and professional way is possible. The users also get to know how different farmlands are doing via the visualized farming map to strengthen production efficiency and management efficacy, whereas the consumers can trace back the products by scanning the QR code and make sure the food they have is clean and safe.

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Real-time environmental data in hand, actions taken in no time to facilitate crop growing

By using ICT and IoT technologies, the system is collecting sensing data either in real time (online mode) or offline mode and provides services based on standardized agricultural data for the farmers, distributors/channel operators, academia, testing labs, auditing units, IT suppliers and partners in related fields to make the right decision on growing the right crop on the right farmland and produce the right amount of produce to meet the market needs. This could be the foundation for more sophisticated IT agricultural applications in the future.

Image for Real-time environmental data in hand, actions taken in no time to facilitate crop growing

Precision farming analysis to make high production volume/value possible

The introduction of AI has brought the smart agriculture solution to the next level – precision agriculture. With continuous input of Open Data and big data analytics, as well as real-time environmental data and all the related information about crop growing, the system will keep learning and evolving to the point that it could provide precise analysis and facilitate decision-making to create maximum benefits. This is a tool that makes farm smart management possible and connects the land with data and technology for a more intelligent and sustainable agricultural industry to come.

Image for Precision farming analysis to make high production volume/value possible

The system keeps record of how the crops are growing and facilitates farmland management and produce traceability. The farmers could have a more precise production plan and also with the introduction and application of environmental sensing data available in the system, they enhance quality control over the crops and able to supple good quality agricultural produce in the right amount in the right time, cutting losses and costs of human resources.

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Benefit to customer

Ling Cheng Technology has been developing agricultural IT services for a long time and continues to work on deepening its agricultural knowledge and enhancing software developing capabilities to be the best consultant to its clients in the industry, providing comprehensive solutions and speedy technology support.

Its clients include the government agencies of agriculture, agricultural enterprises, farmers’ groups and individual farmers. For the past ten years, Ling Cheng has visited different places of Taiwan and helped more than 800 clients with various software application services, including farmland production control, factory management, agricultural produce supply chain and traceability management, certification/auditing, administrative management, information platform establishment and recreational agriculture development. It offers the best production/sales solution to enhance value in the industry, increasing efficiency, cutting human resources and creating profits for its clients.

  • Clients

    Council of Agriculture (COA)、Agriculture and Food Agency under the COA、Tse-Xin Organic Certification Corporation、Fuyah、Hankuan Fruits and Vegetables Production Cooperative、HueiShiang Organic Farm

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