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Intelligent Agricultural Information Management System


About the Application

Info Link vows to develop the best agricultural information service and acts as an IT consultant that provides professional knowledge to its clients. To effectively increase production volume, it has put together information about rice breeding, nurturing, pests/diseases, crops and fertilizers in Taiwan along with Open Data on soils, fertilizers and weather data through IoT to build an intelligent agricultural information management system.

Develop big-data based applications to facilitate precise decision making

Provide information and regulations on agricultural management from the very beginning and help set up an agricultural knowledge database. Data of local production volume, market transactions, disaster forecast and farmland are turned into Open Data applications that could be used to help the farmers (enterprises) make better decisions and enhance efficiency in agriculture.

Provide specifications for the management of crops from the source.

Integrate agricultural information and mobilize farm work

Put all the necessary information and knowledge about the agricultural cycle, including smart farmland management, breeding, planting, fertilization, pest control to harvest in a digital agricultural system. The platform is connected with the database of breed selection and nurturing management, the pest control system, as well as weather forecasting information, such as daily weather, current status of environment, temperature and humidity to ensure all the related elements are well supervised to increase yields. In addition, a mobile farm work assigning mechanism is also developed that the farmers could check how their farms are doing and if there are any problems happening as long as they have their phones in their hands.

Integrate agricultural knowledge with smart farmland management.

Produce documents automatically to obtain local/foreign certifications

Provide information on procedural requirements of local and foreign certificate authorities or partnering institutions (TGAP/GGAP, etc…) and farmers (agricultural enterprises) could integrate all the required documents in the system according to their needs without spending extra time or human costs.

Provide relevant information required by various verification units at home and abroad.
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Optimize the agricultural cycle, from farmland management, breeding/planting, irrigation, soil nurturing, weed control, fertilization to harvest and provide the farmers/enterprises/government agencies information on farmland management, soil, human costs and amount of fertilizers to be applied. The production standards of local and foreign certificate authorities or partnering institutions are also incorporated in the system to facilitate production of required documents and reports.

Benefit to customer

This digitalized service encompasses data of market transaction, farmland, weather and disaster forecast/alerts to optimize crop planting, operation and management on farmland, production and safety, while putting together agricultural big data on agricultural resources, farm work, environment and farm village administrative services to facilitate precise decision-making. For example, Taiwan Lettuce Village, a member of the Mailiao Fruits and Vegetables Production Cooperative of Yunlin County has seen improvements on production volume and sales channels, both up by 20% after adopting the Info Link’s system. In terms of procedural management, it also proves to be very effective that both time and human costs have been cut and losses are reduced. Taiwan Lettuce Village has seen higher production quality and does much better in inspections. The production efficiency is taken to the next level, becoming the competitive edge of the village.

  • Clients

    Agricultural Enterprise、overnment Agencies、Hotai Group、Yulon Group

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