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Comprehensive Lightning Monitoring and Alarm System

Weather Risk

About the Application

Climate change is leading to more extreme weather events, such as more frequent thunderstorms. How to send out alerts in advance has become a major issue in disaster prevention and should be taken very seriously by private companies! WeatherRisk is working with the Australian forecast company to install the Earth Networks Total Lightning Networks that has been put into use in the US, Australia and India at eleven spots in Taiwan to detect lighting in real-time in the island of Taiwan, offshore areas and nearby waters!

Lightning Alert

Lighting strike might pose great threats to the facilities of airports, airline companies and science parks. The total lightning networks feature customized monitoring screen that indicate the location of lightning strike clearly. Whenever there is lightning strike in the designated area near you, alerts will be sent out immediately.

User will get lightning alert immediately, if he is near by designated area.

Thunderstorm Alert

When the system detects a thunderstorm along with much lightning coming, it will mark it as a “dangerous thunderstorm” and predicts its possible path in the next 30 minutes as well as send out the thunderstorm alert to the affected areas. A thunderstorm might come with lightning strike, deadly heavy rainfall, strong wind, hailstone or even tornado and causes serious damages. The alert system helps you get ready in advance!

Predicts path in the next 30 minutes, and send out the thunderstorm alert to the affected areas.

Historical Data for Search and the Diverse Alert System

In what ways do you like to receive the alert for lightning strike and extreme weather? Be it SMS, email, APP or instant message, a customized service is guaranteed. All the lightning monitoring data in Taiwan will also be carefully stored in our database that you can go back anytime you want when you need to review certain past events.

Search historical data.

Please evaluate the weather, click on the flight after 30 minutes

Figure is show map that there are seven flights on it. Some routes that affected with dangerous area show on map. End of Figure. Text.

Benefit to customer

WeatherRisk provides long term/short term weather forecast and disaster prevention weather information. Its latest lightning monitoring and alarm system is a new useful tool for its clients from the transportation, airline and tourism industries to have the real-time lightning information in hands and adjust operation accordingly to minimize possible business losses.

  • Clients

    Disaster prevention units of government, transportation companies or organizations , Digital media,TV and Radio, Technology companies

Work with Weather Risk to Initiate Transition of Your Business !